About Us


We help organisations, teams and individuals achieve their aspirations by creating sustainable and scaleable change.


We offer three main services, which can be integrated for maximum impact:

Change Consulting – working with you to define the shift you’re working towards, and how to achieve the engagement and commitment you need to make this a success.

Recent work includes developing a high performing leadership team in a shared service centre and interim leadership of a Learning & Development team.

Leadership, Management & Team Development – through individual and team development assessment and coaching or programmes that are designed to deliver behavioural change and high performance.

In 2020 and 2021 this has been extended to outplacement support, including career and retirement coaching, CV building and interview preparation.

Facilitation – design and run team events, conferences, Board level discussions, process design and problem-solving sessions – with a clear purpose and agreed outcomes.


We are passionate about making a difference, supporting individuals, teams and organisations to achieve great results where they are engaged and at their best.

Our guiding principles are honesty in building great relationships, and working to our strengths.  We have a strong network that we can bring in to complement our skills – including operational, specialist HR and Change colleagues.

If you want to know what we are like to work with,  the best people  to speak to are our clients. They like working with us because:

  • We’re agile – quick to respond, flexible in approach and keen to ensure the solution is simple, practical and the right one for them.
  • We understand them – we ask good questions that help us and them get clarity on their business and individual needs.  This means that the approach we take is one that fits the opportunity or problem they have.   This makes our work together a partnership – we get them, and they get us.
  • We inspire trust– our clients are open with us because we respect and enjoy working with them.  They know that we know our stuff.  They feel confident in our record of delivery and the partnership that we work in.  Our joint credibility is enhanced by what we do together. Get in touch and let’s see if we can work together to deliver your objectives.