Change Consulting

We were asked to support a Programme Manager who was implementing a £multi-million brand transformation for one of the UK’s main hospitality organisations. Given the scale of the changes this was a high profile programme with senior stakeholder involvement.

We worked with the Programme Manager to identify:
• clear purpose and measurable outcomes for the programme
• define the implementation plan for each site
• gaps in the existing process and how these would be addressed
• ownership of key deliverables – and get their agreement to this
• a simplified process and approach to reporting.

The significant outcomes were:
• we shortened the shut down period for each site, reducing costs and increasing revenues
• senior stakeholders had confidence that the programme would deliver – and the results to prove it
• feedback from employees and customers was very positive
• it provided a template for other projects in the business.

A Dysfunctional Team

We were asked to help a broken leadership team to mend itself.  We completed the ‘usual’ research, speaking to the team, their reports and some of their client groups to understand the situation.  The causes of the problem rapidly became apparent :

  • individual objectives and priorities that weren’t aligned;
  • different ways of working; and
  • a lack of trust in each other.

We worked with the HR Business Partner and the team’s Director to develop a one day programme that would lead to some simple commitments that the team could hold themselves to.

The day focused on identifying and agreeing  :

  • the shared values they had – and understanding their differences
  • the dysfunctions in the team – we used the assessment in Patrick Lencioni’s book to help the discussion
  • what their clients needed from them and what they wanted to be known for – their individual and team brand.

The team were all experienced leaders, but the pressure they were under had got to them.  The day allowed open, constructive conversation and agreement to a way forward.

The simple commitments to each other – attending and being prepared for meetings, sharing information in a timely way outside the formal sessions – these all happened.  The feedback from their clients and team was that they were getting consistent messages from each leader and their team and were far easier to work with. The trust had started to come back.