Redundancies are detrimentally impacting staff morale in the UK !

Many years ago, when I had my first experience as a manager making people redundant and then being made redundant myself after the company was sold and shut down, the main thing that maintained morale, trust, performance and stress was communication. That needed to be open, honest, self aware and appropriately empathetic.

Over-promising and under-delivering was catastrophic for these. In the end what people wanted was to know the details of what was going to happen to them, when it would happen, how much they would get and how they would be supported to get another job (if that was their objective).

Those colleagues who were staying to the end needed to see their friends treated well as that was clear evidence of their likely fate – and was directly linked to their retention and performance.

I set up and managed the outplacement programme (working with external consultants), delivered training and coached people through to their next role. Probably one of the most important jobs I’ve ever done.

This article from the HR Review, noting that ‘Redundancies detrimentally impact morale’ ( ), masterfully states the obvious. There is useful content but it is undermined by the obvious headline. My reaction is ‘No S%$t, Sherlock’.