We often find that clients come to us with a specific coaching request.  The sort of things that they are looking to work on are:

  • making the transition to a new role or organisation
  • they have had feedback on a particular skillset or behaviour that they want to develop
  • they are ‘stuck’ and need support in finding the right next move
  • there is a specific challenge that they need to work through – and these are usually to do with relationships and influencing.

Our approach

  1. We start with an informal conversation to understand the request and to see if we have the rapport that will lead to a productive piece of work.
  2. Next we arrange a longer session to examine the challenge in more detail.  This may include using psychometrics or gathering some feedback to discuss.  We will agree on the overall outcomes that the person wants from the coaching. This may be something that they want to share with their line manager.
  3. We’ll agree on the commitment that we are making.  Typically there will be six sessions that last 60-90m each, and I often share resources to support whatever actions the individual is making.
  4. We will complete a progress review at the halfway stage to check it is right to continue.
  5. At the end of the sessions we’ll complete a final review that can be shared.  This will include an action plan to keep on track.

COSTS – we’ll agree a fixed cost when we agree to work together.  This will include any psychometrics we plan to use.  Half is payable immediately, the remainder after the halfway review.

Contact us for more details and an initial conversation.