Workshop facilitation

We offer some great workshops that can be run ‘off the peg’ or with some tailoring for your organisation’s specific needs.  That’s usually the best approach as it ensures we have an understanding of the challenges you are facing and focus on what you need.

These workshops can be run in full or as ‘bite-sized’ sessions.  In fact, they are often very popular as breakfast or ‘Lunch ‘n’ Learn’ sessions.

Here’s a bit of information about the range we offer:

Leading Your High Performing Team – this can be 2 – 4 days in length, depending on what you want to cover and how much time you have.  In one organisation we split it into two sessions, with individual MBTI sessions before we started and a coaching call in between the two.

Ready, Steady, Coach. – this is a 90m introduction to Coaching using the GROW model that includes a practise and feedback session.  Good both to get started and as a refresher.

Building and Rebuilding Trust in Teams – a one day workshop that focuses on the behaviours that build and undermine trust in teams. It provides an approach to creating and maintaining trust once it is established.

Leading Change – a one day programme that looks at the different types of change and how you can be a change agent for your team and organisation.

Being Influential in Your Organisation– one day programme that helps you understand the networks in your organisation, what different stakeholders want and how to influence them.

Storytelling – a practical starter to help you connect with your team and colleagues through storytelling.  This is a ‘hands on’ 90m session.

There’s more information about each programme on the drop down to the right of this page on the menu.

Costs and other information – we’ll agree a fixed cost for any session.  Some moderate tailoring will be free of charge.

Contact us for to have a conversation about what you are interested in and how we can help.