Leading Your High Performing Team

The PURPOSE of this programme is to provide you with the knowledge and understanding to manage and lead high performing teams.

The OUTCOMES of the programme will be that you will:

  • Have greater awareness of your own strengths and development areas
  • Manage yourself in prioritising and delegating their objectives;
  • Know how to manage pressure and lead by example when ‘times are tough’;
  • Manage your team’s performance to deliver their individual and team objectives;
  • Motivate and engage your reports to become a high performing team; and
  • Be influential with key stakeholders in the business

This workshop can be adapted to run between two and four days.  The four day version includes having a 1-1 feedback MBTI session before the programme starts. Depending on what your needs are, and the time that is available, the programme can be adjusted to fit.

The content is in three sections:


  • The roles of the manager, team member and leader
  • Understanding myself
  • Managing time and pressure
  • Making great decisions


  • What do we mean by ‘High Performing Teams’ ?
  • The performance management cycle
  • Delegation
  • The manager as coach
  • Flexible management
  • Team building


  • Understanding organisational politics
  • Networking and stakeholder management
  • Influencing strategies

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