What teams want to be known for

I often work with teams.  Some are new, some old.  Others are performing well and want to be even better.  Others aren’t. It might be conflict, lack of leadership, personal and group fortitude, poor direction or that they are a new group working their way to becoming a team.

One thing that is always true is that everybody there has been in a team before. That could be a work or sports team, a club, some volunteering activity or at school.  All are from some form of social grouping, whether it is because they happen to live under the same roof or because they are a tight knit family where everything is known and understood.

So, nowadays I tend to get bored with having to establish behaviours and Ground Rules at the start of a team session.  I want us just to be honest about what good and bad behaviour is and which we want to have.  That sounds like a slightly pathetic plea along the line of “why can’t we just love each other ?”  and my practical, pragmatic nature won’t allow that. So, I’ve tried to find a simpler way in, and found this Class Charter in a quick search.

I’ve now used this a couple of times and it says everything about what a team is – and what it should be known for, by its members and others that have any interaction with it. People haven’t felt that it is patronising.  They like the simplicity and clarity.  Everything in it can be ‘translated’ to any team and it seems to last beyond the session. It becomes their team brand.
If you are interested in this (not original) approach and want to share your ideas – get in touch.